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  May 20, 2018 
Bulk Banaba - Nature's Best WildCrafted Herbs
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Our company have been supplying Banaba and other bulk herbs to countries like United States, Russia, Japan, Middle East and far countries like Africa. We maintain our goal of providing where quality always comes first and satisfaction is guaranteed.

We work closely with our clients to assure that every needs, specification, requirements and satisfaction is met to the highest standard.

Our herbs are carefully air-dried within closed areas to prevent ultra violet damage to the volatile oils. Our special drying methods eliminate E. Coli and Salmonella bacteria, mold or fungi.

We maintain a large inventory of various medicinal herbs and are able to supply them in different forms, from raw leaves to powdered and sterilized form ready for capsulizing.

Pricing for bulk herbs is on a per quotation basis. To obtain a quote, simply click on "Request a Quote" and fill in the form. Our replies seldomly take longer than one bussiness day. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.



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Banaba Tea
Banaba Powder
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