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  May 20, 2018 
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The liquid solution (extract) that comes out from the pounded Banaba Powder (Lagerstroemia speciosa Linn.) leaves and bark is very popular in treating kidney troubles and serve as antidiuretic. On the other hand, the leaves extract of Tsaang Gubat (Carmona retusa Var.) is commonly used as tea or tonic drink to treat stomach ailments and very popular as antibacteria. With the yeast bioassay or microtiter assay technique both are found to have high potential in fighting the growth and multiplication activity of cancer cells.


A dosage of 30ug/ml of Banaba bark extract is efficient to counter cancer cells. The test further noted that it would take about a dosage of 5 ug/ml to be economically feasible for pharmaceutical companies in producing anticancer medicine. Dr. Penecilla recommended more chemical and structure-activity- relationships to reach the said level.






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